Cliffs Natural Resources – Empire Mine – Palmer, MI

Unit 2 Major Grate Repair

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Performed over 6,500 man hours of work throughout the pellet plant.

Tasks Completed:

  • Performed work in the process fans on unit 2 in the pellet plant consisting of bearing inspection and replacements fan wheel inspection and weld repairs, fan housing repairs and fan balancing.
  • Performed repairs on the unit 2 cooler consisting of pallet repairs, carry roller inspection and replacement, dump wheel inspection, shimming and replacement and system lube inspection to name some of the general jobs.
  • Inspected the pan conveyor and made repairs to the wheels and performed inspections on the conveyor drive.
  • Performed work on the entire load out conveyor system consisting of feed and discharge chute repairs, liner replacements, can and roller inspection and replacement, drive inspections and bearing and pulley replacements.
  • Grate repairs consisting of new grate chain install, support shaft replacements, support wheel inspection and replacements, Support shaft bearing and seal inspection and replacements, let down chain inspection and replacement, head and tail shaft bearing inspection and replacements, duct work repairs and new spill hopper installation.


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